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Elementary School

The elementary years are the beginning of the great learning journey!  During this time, students will be exploring new topics, developing skills and discovering their interests and passions.  This is such an exciting time and our elementary teachers are eager to partner with parents to help students grow.

IVLA provides a full education for elementary school students.  Our easy to use, engaging digital curriculum, certified teachers and mentors build the child’s solid foundation and start them on the path to lifelong academic success.   Elementary students traditionally take 4 core courses: Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.   These foundation courses build the fundamentals necessary for success in each year to come.

Elementary students will also enjoy bi-weekly live homeroom sessions where they will get to know their fellow classmates while engaging in fun activities!  These sessions are conducted in private virtual classrooms and led by their mentor.  Parents are welcome to join all homeroom sessions.

Curriculum Available to Elementary School Students

Elementary School Parent and Student Expectations

Parent involvement plays a vital role in the education of students especially early elementary students.  IVLA recognizes elementary students require more guidance and adult supervision.  You may need to sit with your student as they complete their work, or the student may be able to work independently requiring little assistance from you.  Some lessons may require the parent to print something, purchase materials, or oversee the student in completing an activity offline.

Parents of an elementary student can expect to:

  • Establish a daily routine
  • Assist the student in familiarizing themselves with the computer. Some younger students need help learning how to use a mouse or navigating a webpage.
  • Review student progress and comprehension.
  • Assist with lessons and communicate frequently with teacher and mentor.
  • Read aloud with your student daily (especially in grades K-2)

IVLA students will have a teacher and mentor to assist them with their learning.  Elementary students need a variety of activities.  Students will work on activities both online and offline.  The offline activities will give them a hands-on opportunity to practice what they have learned in their lessons.

 Elementary students can expect to:

  • Spend an average of 15 hours per week online on coursework.
  • Complete one unit per week in each course.
  • Notify their parent, teacher or mentor if they have questions or need assistance.

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