1) What does a typical day look like for you?
For me, a typical week day usually starts with me waking up and doing my schoolwork, after I complete my schoolwork, I may go to the Motocross track.
2) How has IVLA impacted your life? OR How has IVLA allowed you pursue your goals?
IVLA has truly helped me with completing my life goals. I have more flexibility now than I ever did in public school.
3) How did you find out about IVLA and why did you decide on an education with IVLA?
My mom did lots of research before deciding what homeschool program she wanted to put me in. This program seemed to be the best choice in their eyes.
4) What are your plans for college? OR What are your goals for the future?
My future plans include living as a Motocross rider and one day competing in X-Games.  If that doesn’t work out then I will most likely go to college for marketing or business management.
5) What’s your favorite thing about online education?
The flexibility for me to get my education done as well as competing and
traveling for Motocross.