Universal Language Arts & Math Screening

Formative Assessments designed to help parents answer the most fundamental questions:

  • What level is my student in reading and math?
  • What instruction will best benefit my student?
  • Is my student progressing?

The A+ Courseware Universal Screenings provides homeschool parents an authentic and validated tool to measure student’s existing knowledge, comprehension, and mastery of skills in reading and mathematics.

Placement: How do I really know the level of my student’s performance?

  • The A+ Courseware Universal Screening enables parents to place students at the appropriate level, offering differentiated instruction
  • Online screening and immediate feedback allow for early and appropriate placement
  • Students can be matched with specific material they can read successfully, and be challenged for the next level.

Prescription: What do I teach to ensure my student is successful?

  • Alignment with the Lexile and Quantile content allows for simple and targeted intervention
  • Universal Screening results provide adaptive prescription that can automatically prescribe appropriate instruction in the A+ Courseware
  • Parents can prescribe the right material to improve learning

Progress: How do I know if my student is learning?

  • Tests are administered pre and post school year
  • Results are aligned with state standards and reported on a recognized developmental scale.
  • Parents can track progress on the same scale used by many states and high-stakes tests.

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