What does image does “online school” conjure up in your imagination? Perhaps a solitary student, all alone in front of a computer screen, interacting only with the courseware.

Well, that is not accurate with International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA). At IVLA, each online course is supported by a teacher and each student is supported by a success coach.

But what exactly does that mean?

Teachers Answer Student Questions

If a student comes across something in their courseware that they do not understand, they can message their teacher from their courseware system or by email. Teachers have 24 hours to answer student questions but most answer much sooner. Having a teacher available to answer questions wards off frustration and gives students the confidence to move forward in their independent learning. Most questions can be addressed through messages but occasionally a student needs one-on-one assistance. Teachers have online classrooms in which they can meet with students to provide extra help from time to time.

Teachers Grade Student Work

Online curriculum in which the courseware grades student work is effective and efficient, providing immediate feedback and personalized learning. However, as sophisticated as online learning systems are, input from an experienced “human” teacher is invaluable. When students submit work for teachers to grade, they reap the benefit of trained and certified educators. Teachers can spot areas where students struggle and can assist accordingly. Knowing the courseware, teachers can suggest lessons, activities, or videos to best help the student. Teacher-graded work keeps the learning experience authentic by providing an extra layer of accountability and educational expertise.

Mentors Facilitate Classes

Elementary and middle school success coaches host homeroom sessions on a regular basis for their students in a secure, closed online classroom. In homeroom, students participate with other students either by camera or chat in learning enrichment and get-to-know you activities. The result is a sense of community that helps to motivate students in their learning.

In middle school and high school, students can choose clubs in which to participate. Topics such as astronomy, photography, journalism, book club, world travel, and animal science are just a few of the options available to students. Like homeroom, success coaches host these clubs in their online classrooms. Clubs provide an engaging supplement to their regular online learning, broadening their learning experience.

Mentors and Teachers Communicate with Parents

The key to success in many endeavors is communicating and this is certainly true for online school! Mentors update parents about their student’s progress on a weekly basis as well as provide an opportunity to speak by phone or online conference once a month. The success coach helps the family with course scheduling and planning. The objective is that parents will have a personal connection to someone within the online school structure; someone to whom they can go to with questions or concerns of any nature.

Teachers send monthly progress reports to families of students who are behind in their work or not achieving as they should. Ensuring parents are fully aware of student progress and resources available to them builds a strong support structure for student success.

Teachers and Mentors are Certified and Experienced

IVLA teachers and success coaches bring a wealth of educational experience to their roles. Certification equips teachers to carry out their jobs effectively, having acquired the degrees and training to do so. Familiar with courseware content and function, teachers and success coaches can guide students to get the most from their online school experience.

When you combine excellent online curriculum with trained, experienced, caring teachers and success coaches, students have the structure and resources to succeed.


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