Hi! My name is Brittany Knop and I live in the Big Blue Nation of Lexington, Kentucky. I am married and we have a Jack Russel Terrier that we adore, named Zoey. I have been with IVLA since 2016 as the arts/music and humanities teacher and a success coach. In 2017, I became an IVLA Academic Advisor.  After being an Advisor for 2 years, I began working as IVLA’s Director for the 2019-2020 school year.

I hold a Master’s in Music Education, K-12 and will be completing a Master’s in Education Administration in the Fall of 2019. I have had the opportunity to teach music, art, and special education courses in a traditional classroom setting for all grade levels, P-12.

In my free time I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, and playing the trumpet. I love learning and having the opportunity to share my passion with my students! I am grateful to be able to partner with such a great school and help students reach their goals!