Greetings! My name is Dan Mages and I teach English with IVLA! I believe that education should be self-driven, individualized, stem from curiosities, flamed by personal passion and ultimately lead to deep fulfillment and self-actualization. First and foremost, I consider myself an empathic egalitarian truth-seeking life enthusiast. I want to inform, inspire, and empower others to bring about a planet where everyone has equal access to healthy, cruelty free food, clean air, pure water, housing and healthcare. I love traveling the world and enjoy everything from bungee jumping to wing walking.  I love surfing, yoga, tennis, kayaking and everything active. I managed and played bass guitar for Ted Z and The Wranglers with my childhood friend for about ten years. I am continuously on the lookout for the best roller coasters and water slides. I live for new experiences, learning, laughing and deep connection with my friends and family.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Master’s College with a B.A. in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Bible Exposition. I earned a Professional Clear California Teaching Credential from Cal State San Bernardino and taught English at both Norco and Coachella Valley High School. I attended Fuller Theological Seminary for two years and completed an M.A. in Interdisciplinary/Comparative Studies with an emphasis in World Religions, Christianity and Ethics from Claremont School of Theology.  I have been teaching philosophy and religion within various community colleges for the past decade. I have worked within independent study charter schools as an advisor, family relationship coordinator, homeschool coach and now as an English teacher. I love teaching and working with families is a great passion of mine. Virtual education is exciting but can sometimes pose unique challenges.  I am here to support your educational journey. I love to help and will always do my best to keep you well-informed and supported!