Hello, my name is Heather Boyd.  I live in England with my husband and two daughters.  I was born and raised in Illinois and consider myself a Midwesterner at heart. My husband’s job keeps us moving every few years, so I’ve had the privilege of also living in Spain, California, Rhode Island and Virginia.  My family’s favorite activity is traveling, and we never pass up an opportunity to hit the road on a new adventure!

After earning my bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Illinois State University, I taught middle and high school English and social science for almost 7 years in a traditional public-school setting and now over 4 years in a virtual school setting.  In 2012, I earned my master’s degree in educational leadership from The College of William and Mary.  At International Virtual Learning Academy, I am a success coach, high school social science instructor, and host the high school book club. It’s thrilling to be able to teach and connect with students from all over the world!