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My name is JanElle Hoffman. My BS in Education from Eastern Nazarene College served me well as I taught for seven years “BC” (that would be Before Children).  When the last of my babies went to school, I returned to the chalkboard which is now a computer screen! I have been teaching with IVLA since 2013. 

I love teaching middle school math with International Virtual Learning Academy.  When I’m not meddling in algebra or explaining integers, I enjoy hiking and being outdoors with my family in Colorado.  In addition to teaching math, I facilitate the GATE program for gifted/talented students in grades 3-8. I also enjoy working with new teachers in our teacher training program. 

My favorite aspect of teaching with IVLA because I get to interact with amazing families from all over the world! 

JanElle Hoffman 

Education/Date of Degree:
BS Education, May 1994, Eastern Nazarene 

MA Permanent Certification K-6,
NY Provisional Certification K-6Teaches IVLA 

Teaches IVLA Class(es):
Middle School Middle School Math 

Other IVLA Responsibilities:
IVLA Mentor 

Blogs, Posts/Articles for IVLA website 

GATE Facilitator 

Teacher Trainer 


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