Hi! My name is Katy Barrett and I live in Mansfield, Texas. I’m originally from a small town in Kentucky. I am married and we have two small children, Beckham and Libby. I just joined IVLA in 2019 as a success coach and instructor for science.

In 2004 I graduated with a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Louisville. My first jobs out of college were in wastewater treatment and then gas cleaning technologies. In 2010, my division in the company shut down. The economy was struggling, and I wanted a change. I decided to pursue teaching. I thought teaching might be temporary, but I quickly realized how much I love it, and never looked back.  I’ve taught chemistry from the introductory level through AP and IB during my 9 years in the physical classroom. Although I will miss the classroom, I am very excited to begin my journey with IVLA.

In my free time I love traveling, playing with my kiddos and the occasional date night with my husband. I also love crafting too when I get the chance. I’m passionate about teaching and excited about this opportunity to connect with students around the world.