My name is Kelsay Schroeder and I love teaching math!  I have taught every type of math from Pre-Algebra through Calculus in both public and private schools.  I taught AP Statistics for many years, and my students always enjoyed the real-life application of the concepts we studied.

The intricate, immense, and well-ordered patterns that are found in mathematics astound me with their supreme beauty and purity.  As a high school mathematics teacher, I am fortunate to be in a position in which I can help my students become captivated with the splendor of mathematics.

Before I started teaching, I worked in the garment industry making patterns and constructing sample garments.  I also worked for the University of California, which was great because I was able to take Computer Science classes during the work day.  In addition to studying computer programming, I took classes in computer network administration.

I live in southern California with my husband.  We have two daughters who are married and are starting families of their own.  In my spare time I walk on the beach, hike, make sewing patterns, sew, and play with my granddaughter.  I also go swimming every day.  I have always loved technology, so I am very excited about helping my students at IVLA in any way I can.