Families often look for homeschool alternatives as the job of an academic advisor, teacher, and parent become too cumbersome. In addition, many parents believe a teacher should have an emotional separation from their students to maintain objective perspectives. It can be difficult for a parent to have an objective point of view when teaching their own child. At IVLA, our virtual teachers and academic advisors work with parents and students and are unbiased to ensure student success.

There is a lot more to homeschooling than meets the eye. Depending on the academic route chosen, parents can find themselves researching and developing their own curriculum, finding the right books for each subject while trying to make a lesson plan that is engaging, and intriguing. Not to mention the time it takes to grade a student’s coursework. Fortunately, IVLA has the solution for those looking for homeschool alternatives.

IVLA takes the pressure off parents by providing top-tier credentialed teachers who specialize in the subjects they teach. You can enroll your student with the confidence of knowing a virtual teacher will be working hand in hand to provide engaging material that will lead to their academic development.

Other Benefits to Homeschool Alternatives

Homeschool alternatives, such as IVLA, offer benefits to parents as well as the children receiving the education. Without the responsibility of developing a lesson plan, grading, and teaching a student, a parent has more time to focus on their own careers, hobbies, and family life. Private online education also allows families to travel for work or pleasure, while bringing the family along for the ride. An online private education simply requires students to have reliable internet access, making travel an easy and obtainable reality for many families.

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