So what makes up an international learning academy? In short…it’s the students! We want to talk about the ethos, perks, and lifestyle of students at international virtual schools.

International Learning Academy Ethos

The ethos, the spirit of international learning means not conforming to place or time constraints. It means that dedicated learning does not just have to happen within one place and time frame. Consequently, a student can engage in quality education from anywhere in the world. In fact, more families than ever are taking the leap and going on long-term trips. As a result, more students are learning on the road. Parents have been driven by a desire to spend more time with their children and take a break from daily pressure. Outside of that, it allows families to experience and discover new cultures and lifestyles, while not compromising their child’s education.

Moreover, for traveling families, being part of an international learning school is not just a result of travel, but also what attracts them. There are 2.3 million homeschooled students in the United States, according to statistics. Hence, a model like that of a virtual academy would be very appealing.

In contrast, not everyone who is a part of an online academy is a jet-setting family, on the road. To depict that would not fully represent the international academy demographic. More often than not, that need for flexibility is required by athletes or students pursuing passions that don’t work within a normal school schedule. Traditional, brick & mortar schools typically require going to class at a set time and sitting through long lectures. This can make for long, relentless days.

In contrast, virtual schools let you tackle work at your own pace. Meet your quarterly deadlines, engage with coursework online, and you won’t fall behind. Ultimately you will have more control over your schooling and will experience less pressure and stress.