Last week, IVLA launched a new social media platform for student engagement. This platform is unique to the larger, more well-known channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in the way that you must be associated with IVLA in order to engage through the app. Additionally, all posts shared must be approved by an IVLA teacher before it is shared with the student body. To create an account, users must request access form a student success coach or an IVLA teacher.

The overall goal of IVLA’s social forum is for students to have the opportunity to socialize with other like-minded learners across the globe, while maintaining a safe and supportive environment for friendships to flourish. Some of the major drawbacks of traditionally-used social media platforms are that they can create privacy and content concerns for parents. With IVLA’s social app the privacy of all students and teachers is kept confidential and posts can only be shared with other fellow IVLA students and teachers. The problem of inappropriate content is eliminated due to the fact that professors must approve all posts before they are shared on the platform.

In its first week, the app gained a significant portion of IVLA students to sign up and begin meeting students from other parts of the world. While topics about class assignments and school subjects are definitely not discouraged, the platform is proving to be a successful forum to discuss more light-hearted conversation about life in