Elementary, middle, and high school education provides the building blocks needed to understand and navigate adulthood. They are the “K12” years. That formative period which shapes and influences adolescents as they make their way to adulthood/higher education.

K12 is a Crucial Developmental Period

Elementary school is the beginning of the learning journey. Therefore, it is an introduction to new topics, concepts, practices. During this time students develop skills and slowly grow into their interests and fortes. Children slowly learn how they best engage with new curriculum, subjects, and their peers. Basically, the elementary years set the foundation for the latter part of K12.

Middle school is a bridge. It marks a period when most students have matured past their elementary years and are developing the tools to transition into high school. At this time, students should begin to work more independently but still under the guidance of teachers and parents. Conversely, High School edges students towards more challenging subjects and coursework. Learning to work through and balancing these helps develop maturity and coping skills. It is a glimpse into adult responsibility but moreover, it’s a time to work out aspirations for the future. At this stage in their lives, students generally begin to grow into their individual traits. Of the K12 years, high school marks the most rapid phase of development. Students enter high school as children and leave as adults. As they grow and mature, they will fine tune their passions and interests and begin to launch their futures.

An Online K12 Alternative

The K12 years are unique in their power to shape and influence adolescents into adulthood. It is a crucial formative time. At International Virtual Learning Academy, educators and teachers recognize this and aim to honor these unique years with a unique teaching method. IVLA approaches K12 through versatile online curriculums. In the end, organized lesson plans, virtual classrooms, and the removal of distractions are just a few of the benefits offered through K12 online schooling.