Flexpoint Curriculum

About the Flexpoint Curriculum

Flexpoint courses were created to provide a rigorous and engaging online learning experience for a variety of learning styles. Flexpoint courses are thoughtfully designed to engage learners, help students master new skills, and help students understand new concepts.

190 K-12 Courses

Flexpoint courses include a wide range of diverse activities and were designed in accordance with national standards. These courses include interactive games and quizzes, engaging video and audio clips, and practical written lessons and assessments. Flexpoint courses are culturally diverse and represent all races, cultures, ethnicities, abilities, and genders. With more than 190 online elementary, middle, and college prep high school courses the Flexpoint curriculum is updated/revised regularly to ensure that it remains both relevant and on-par with the Kindergarten through grade 12 learning space.
Grades 6-12 Material List

Benefits of the Flexpoint curriculum:

Designed to incorporate engaging learning experiences and interactive features.
College Prep, AP®, and Honors level courses are available to IVLA students in grades 9-12.
Advanced level courses in Math, Science, and Language Arts are available to IVLA’s Middle School Students.
Built in self-checks and practice opportunities are included in the curriculum.
The course work includes rich assignments featuring written, project-based, discussion-based, and critical thinking features.
Hands-on activities are an integral part of the course work.
It is available to IVLA students in grades K-12, regardless of geographic location.

Online Courses for K-12 Students

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Elementary School

IVLA’s Elementary School students can choose courses in special subject areas such as Art, Computers, and PE. It is estimated that Elementary School students will spend approximately 75% of their time working on computer-based activities, with the remainder of their time being spent putting learned skills into action via various hands-on activities. These activities may include handwritten worksheets, coloring and matching worksheets, projects, performing experiments, and other such activities. Although students can write responses for some activities on regular notebook paper, some activities my require printing.

Middle School

The Flexpoint curriculum offers IVLA’s Middle School students the opportunity to choose advanced courses in Language Arts, Math and Science. There is also a wide variety of electives for our Middle School students. These electives were specifically designed to help our students develop their leadership skills and explore future careers.
online high school courses
online high school

High School

IVLA students in grades 9 through 12 can choose to take AP® and Honors level courses should they seek a greater challenge. Math and Science courses include hands on lab activities, and world language courses are available to students in grades Kindergarten through grade 12. The Flexpoint curriculum also offers a variety of electives whereby students can take their curiosity and/or hobby to the next level

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