Online High School for Actors: Joshua Caleb Johnson’s Thoughts

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Learning about the unique talents, experiences, and lives of students is perhaps the best part of working for an online school like IVLA. We’ve previously featured students who have accomplished all sorts of triumphs in areas such as photography, motocross, gymnastics, and much more. When education doesn’t restrict [...]

Meet Sarah Lessard – an IVLA Student Stationed on a Military Base

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Interview with Online Student Sarah Lessard Completing your high school education online allows for quite a bit of flexibility in your time management, lifestyle, and ability to live/work anywhere in the world (literally!) Sarah Lessard, a current IVLA student, knows this first hand, particularly when [...]

IVLA Launches Social Media Platform for Students, Parents, and Teachers to Interact

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Last week, IVLA launched a new social media platform for student engagement. This platform is unique to the larger, more well-known channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in the way that you must be associated with IVLA in order to engage through the app. [...]

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) Online School Announces Partnership With English Steps, Ltd.

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HENDERSON, NV –International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA), a fully accredited and NCAA approved private online school, announced it is partnering with English Steps, Ltd. to provide Brazilian K-12 students with the best online English courses available. These online english courses are all centered around IVLA’s [...]