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Online Elementary School:

The IVLA Difference

Grades K-5
Online elementary school - Shiekh Family - Cyber school
One of the Shiekh family's 9 boys who are enrolled in IVLA.


IVLA provides a personalized, self-paced educational program for its online elementary school students. Our online curriculum is both easy to use and engaging for the students on and offline. When combined with our certified teachers and success coaches, IVLA’s online elementary students have all the resources needed to achieve academic success.

In addition to providing a self-paced learning program, IVLA online elementary students can further personalize their educational program by selecting from various online curricula. This allows our families to select the curriculum that they feel best matches their child’s learning style. Elementary students are required to take 4 core courses: Language Arts/English, Math, Science and Social Studies, with an option to choose from our elementary school electives.


IVLA’s online elementary school students will also enjoy bi-monthly live homeroom sessions where they will get to know their fellow classmates and teachers. Our students will participate in activities designed by our teachers to accentuate and promote a social environment. These sessions are conducted in a safe and private virtual environment and are led by their success coach. Parents are also welcomed to join all homeroom sessions.
IVLA students meet for homeroom with Mrs. Herrera
The Broussard family kids, hard at work together! 


IVLA’s online elementary school provides a secure community where our students can post pictures or videos, participate in monthly challenges, display artwork, or engage in chatting with their fellow classmates and teachers. Students may also select to participate in specific clubs, where they can post and participate in activities of high interest while interacting with other students of similar interests. All student posts are monitored and approved by teachers to ensure that everyone feels safe within the community. IVLA further encourages its online elementary students to interact with each other via our “Pen Pal” program, where students are paired up so they can enhance their social skills while also practicing their letter writing and correspondence skills.

Attend a Virtual Open House

Attend a live open house webinar to get a firsthand look at all the options our accredited K-12 online curricula has to offer. We’ll discuss how online education works, what makes IVLA different from other K-12 online schools, and answer live questions from the audience.

Parent & Student Expectations

Parent involvement plays a vital role in the education of students, especially early elementary school students. IVLA understands that elementary students require more guidance and adult supervision. On occasion, parents will need to sit with their child as they complete their course work. Other times, the student will be able to work independently while requiring little, if any, assistance from you. Some of your child’s lessons may require the parent to print something, purchase materials, or oversee their excellence.

Elementary students can expect to:

Spend an average of fifteen (15) hours per week online on coursework.
Notify their parent, teacher, and/or success coach if they have questions or need assistance.
Be held accountable for their progress and grades.
Interact with other students at IVLA through homeroom and IVLA’s chat.
Obtain feedback on assignments and progress.

Parents of an elementary student can expect to:

Establish a daily routine for their child.
Assist their child in familiarizing themselves with the computer and webpages, such as the read aloud functions for beginning readers.
Check in weekly to monitor their child’s progress and grades in the parent portal.
Communicate directly with teachers and/or success coaches.
Help create a distraction free learning space.
Encourage students to attend live homeroom sessions.

Elementary School Tuition

Grades K-5

One Semester


One Semester

5 Months

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One Year

10 Months

Interest-Free Payment Options

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