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The IVLA Difference

Grades 9-12


Students enter high school as children, and in just a few short years, they leave as adults. High school is a very important time in the lives of our children, as it provides the opportunity to both let them live out their childhood and help prepare them for the world. IVLA’s online high school allows students to fine tune their passions and interests while also planning their future via IVLA’s vast curriculum options and our flexible learning schedules that are personalized to fit the specific needs of each student. IVLA’s teachers, success coaches, and support staff provide continuous and individualized support to guide students on their road to success.

IVLA provides a complete self-paced education for online high school students. Students that meet the graduation requirements will be issued an accredited U.S. high school diploma. IVLA’s wide variety of online curriculum offerings are for students at all levels and provides a complete selection of core academic, electives, honors, and AP courses. Each English, math, science, and social studies course is taught by a certified subject-area teacher. Should one of our students need a little extra support, then they can join both teachers and full-time students in our weekly tutoring sessions that are available in all core subject areas! In addition, IVLA students who are looking for a greater challenge have the opportunity to enroll in AP™ & honors courses, dual college courses, or apply to join our prestigious chapter of IVLA’s National Honor Society.


As a student of IVLA’s online high school, all full-time students are assigned a dedicated academic success coach to work with them on an individualized academic plan. This success coach will work one-on-one with families throughout their entire high school experience to help ensure that students are on the right track to meet their college, career, and/or academic goals. In this unique program, families will always find the support that they need to keep their student moving toward success.
Many IVLA families plan school hours around once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, like traveling throughout the year
Thoreson sheppard online high school
Biathlon competitor, Thoreson Sheppard created a unique school schedule in order to fit in all his extracurricular activities. 


IVLA is unique in that our students come from all over the world. At IVLA, online high school students have the opportunity to chat in real time and participate in weekly live social hours, where they can interact with one another, no matter where they are located, in a safe environment with teacher supervision. IVLA’s National Honor Society offers our students bi-annual school-wide service projects and other exciting activities throughout the year. As a student of IVLA’s online high school, you are never short of options and opportunities to grow, participate, and thrive both in and out of the classroom.

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Parent & Student Expectations

There are plenty of opportunities for parent and family involvement in an online school. Online High School Students are much more successful in their academic pursuits when the parent takes an active role. We encourage parents to be just as involved with the student’s courses as much as the student!

High school students can expect to:

Log in and submit daily assignments
Will be held accountable for their progress and grades
Spend an average of 20 hours per week on coursework
Reach out with teachers and success coaches for support
Receive feedback on assignments and progress
Have opportunities to interact with other students at IVLA

Parents of an online high school student can expect to:

Check in often
Review progress and grades weekly by logging into the parent portal
Help create a space free of distractions
Communicate with teachers and success coach
Encourage students to attend IVLA opportunities for live interaction
Assist students with time management and establishing a schedule

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Curriculum Options

Grades K-5

Student Success

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will IVLA give me credit for “outside activities” and “life experiences”?
Yes. IVLA elective courses are designed to document a wide range of life learning experiences to earn elective credit. A maximum of two credits will be awarded for outside activities or life experiences.
What are IVLA Advanced Placement (AP)** courses and how do I register to take the AP exam?
Advanced Placement (AP)** courses are college-level courses that IVLA offers to eligible high school students enrolled in IVLA programs. Because AP courses are weighted higher on transcripts, a student’s grade point average can be higher. Taking AP classes demonstrates to college or university admissions counselors that the applicant has college-level academic skills. Completing AP courses is a great way for students to receive college credit while still in high school without paying college per-credit fees.
Once an IVLA student completes an AP course, they are eligible to register for the AP exam. Students must register separately for AP exams. AP exams are administered by the College Board* in May of each academic year. (Visit for more information about college credit for AP courses.)
Check out the following links for AP exam deadlines:
Visit for more information on the acceptability of Advanced Placement Credits at colleges and universities throughout the United States.
Visit to learn how to contact the AP Services Department or your local AP Coordinator.
**AP is a registered trademark of the College Board
If I complete my IVLA coursework ahead of schedule and I did not pay in full, do I have to keep paying monthly?
The cost of IVLA’s all-inclusive tuition remains the same regardless of course completion date. Payment must be made in full before re-enrolling for the next grade level and before IVLA can release grades for completed courses.
How many hours are required to earn an IVLA elective credit?
IVLA students must submit a weekly log entry summarizing completed elective activities. 72 hours of learning activity are required for each half credit earned in a semester. To earn one credit a student must complete 144 hours of a learning activity within two semesters.
How do I request my transcript from IVLA?
Order My Transcripts: Please use this website to order your transcripts by creating a username and password, if you haven’t done so already.
Does IVLA offer advanced placement (AP®) courses?
Yes, IVLA does offer AP® courses, as well as Honors courses.
Does IVLA allow students to work at their own slower pace or work faster to move on to the next grade?
As long as an IVLA student completes all required coursework within the specified enrollment period, IVLA encourages everyone to work at a personally comfortable pace. Some learners prefer to complete one course at a time while others want to move ahead as quickly as possible. Once a student has completed all the required work within a grade level, he/she may re-enroll in the next grade level without waiting for the enrollment period to expire.
What if my student is/was already a member of NHS at a previous school?
Transferring students will be allowed membership with (1) Proof of enrollment from previous school and (2) they will be given one semester to meet and maintain any of our standards that might be different from their previous school.
Are there deadlines to enroll in the NHS at IVLA?
There are two deadlines to apply, each semester. One fall (November) and one spring (April). Contact us for exact dates.

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