IVLA's Online Summer School 2021

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is pleased to announce that enrollment is now open for our online summer school 2021 courses. Enroll now for any of IVLA's online curriculum and save $150 on a full credit program and $90 on a half-credit program.  Our team is ready to assist you, so call (877) 878-6001 and ask to speak with a member of our Support Team about our Summer School 2021 online programs.

As a fully accredited and NCAA approved online K-12 school, IVLA specializes in providing customized online learning programs for its students and families. With our open and flexible enrollment periods, students and families can create a personalized summer sch­ool program that fits both their needs and their schedule.

Quick Facts

  • Students will have up to 12 weeks to complete a one credit course and up to 8 weeks to complete a half credit course. If needed, students may extend their course for an additional fee.
  • Set your own pace and finish your coursework early, if you choose.
  • Students will work directly with their assigned teacher. Note that students will not be assigned a Success Coach.
  • Upon course completion, you will receive an accredited transcript.
  • NCAA requirements do not allow students to complete a one credit course in less than 12 weeks and a half credit course in less than 8 weeks.
  • Start a summer course anytime between May 1st through July 31st.
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Save up to 25% on Summer School Curriculum!

Advantages of Online Summer School

IVLA’s online summer school programs are specifically designed to allow students the opportunity to continue their learning process while also minimizing any disruption to their summer break. Contact IVLA now so you and your student can begin planning for 2021 online summer school.

  • Receiving the extra help needed to master a difficult subject matter

  • Getting ahead on your coursework and accelerating your graduation

  • Minimizing the dreaded effects of “Summer Learning Loss”

  • Expanding the scope of your learning by taking enrichment classes that are meaningful to you; and

  • Completing a full credit of coursework in 12 weeks or less

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2021 Summer School Pricing

Save 25% with IVLA this Summer! Get ahead in your studies with any curriculum while having the flexibility to enjoy your Summer from anywhere in the world. We're one of the best online summer school programs for 2021!

One Credit Course

$499Per Course
  • Savings of $150. Standard pricing is $649 per course
  • Must be completed in 12 weeks or less*
  • Can split cost into 3 payments
  • Take an Honors or AP course for and extra $90

Half Credit Course

$299Per Course
  • Savings of $90. Standard pricing is $389 per course
  • Must be completed in 8 weeks or less*
  • Can split cost into 2 payments
  • Take an Honors or AP course for and extra $55

*Registration fee is non-refundable. Stipulations apply for NCAA students. Records of completed courses only provided after complete payment fulfillment.

NCAA approved courses for online school

NCAA Students & Online Summer School Requirements

Students may take NCAA approved courses for summer school and receive the discount. There are, however, two requirements for NCAA approved courses for an online summer school:

  1. You must use the Apex Curriculum
  2. You may not finish your summer school courses early. A one credit course must be completed in three months, and a half-credit course must be completed in two months.

Get 50% off the enrollment fee if you apply today!
(New students only)

Apply for Online Summer School Now in Two Easy Steps!

Step 1: Complete the application form below. Click submit at the bottom.
Step 2: Provide payment information for a $150 $75 application fee


If you have any questions about online summer school for the 2021 school year please call us at (877) 878-6001 to speak with a member of our support team.

Or, chat with us here on our website! Just click the "Chat Now" box in the bottom right corner of your screen. You'll speak with a real human who's a full time employee at IVLA. IVLA doesn't employ robots or call centers 😉

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