Online Summer School 2020

This season’s Summer school has ended. Register next year and begin as early as April, 2020

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) offers online Summer school for students who want to continue furthering their education during the summer. Contact us to talk about your unique situation and how you can obtain credit for your Summer school courses with IVLA.

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Quick Facts

  • Students can start a 1-credit course anytime between April 15 and June 30. A 1-credit course usually takes 12 weeks to complete.
  • Students can start a 1/2 credit course anytime between April 15 and July 31. A 1/2 credit course usually takes 6 weeks to complete.
  • If you work hard, you can finish your course early. Set your own pace!
  • Note that Summer school students are not assigned a success coach. Students will work directly with their assigned teacher.
  • Many students use Summer school as an opportunity for credit recovery. Learn more about how credit recovery works.

Financials for Online Summer School

  • A 1-credit course is $649 and can be paid in three payments of $226.33
  • A 1/2 credit course is $389 and can be paid in two payments of $204.50
  • There is a one-time, $150 registration fee

Call us today to get started: 877-878-6001