Success Coaches

Expert Care and Support

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) believes the key to success is to partner directly with our families and students.  IVLA believes that giving its families and students a dedicated Success Coach that they can contact anytime with questions and concerns is critical to the educational experience.

IVLA is committed to ensuring that parents are fully aware of both their child’s progress and the resources available to them so we can work together to create the best possible support structure for them and their child. IVLA’s Success Coaches are very skilled and they have been trained to work with our families to identify the best curriculum, programs, and teaching methods to maximize student success.

IVLA’s live homeroom sessions are typically hosted by our elementary and middle school Success Coaches, while our live clubs are hosted by our high school Success Coaches. The purpose of our Success Coaches is to provide each of our families and students with a well-trained and dedicated person who will work with them to optimize the interactive learning experience.

IVLA Success Coach Care and Support

  • Dedicated and consistent interaction with our families and students
  • Live sessions and meetings
  • Specialized individual coaching and success coaching
  • Enhancing the community relationship with the school
  • Expert guidance in choosing courses and curriculum
  • Assistance with records and documentation
  • Addressing concerns and problem solving

Teacher Support

U.S. Certified Teachers

Online learning is most effective when delivered by teachers experienced in their subject matter.  At IVLA our teachers are certified in the subject or grade levels they teach and are dedicated to your student’s success.

Given the current complexity and sophistication of online learning systems, receiving input from an experienced and well-trained “human” teacher is invaluable. At IVLA, our students submit their completed coursework to trained and certified educators for grading, which is a tremendous benefit to our students. Our Teachers are trained to identify areas where our students need help, and having identified these areas of concern, our Teachers then work with the student to achieve success in these areas. IVLA Teachers are well-trained in our various curriculums and courseware, which allows them to work with our families and students to identify the best lessons, activities, and/or videos to create the ideal educational experience. By requiring teacher-graded coursework, IVLA ensures that the learning experience will be authentic while also providing an extra layer of accountability and educational expertise.

While IVLA students have the freedom to learn virtually from any location, it’s reassuring to know that IVLA’s certified Teachers are passionate about providing students with constructive feedback, individualized learning, and additional online support and tools. IVLA families and students can access their gradebook anytime online, and our Teachers provide a grade report at the end of each class.

IVLA Teachers pride themselves on getting to know their students and families so they can provide the best possible customized and flexible educational experience.

  • Our Teachers grade submitted assignments in a timely manner with effective and supportive feedback
  • Our Teachers provide live sessions to help our students
  • Our Teachers provide additional online learning tools such as personalized teaching videos and demonstrations
  • Our Teachers provide certified training and expertise in various subject matter
Meet Our Teachers

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