Online Curriculum Options

There are 6 main online curriculum options that you can select from depending on the grade level and type of coursework you need.

Course Selection Guide

What makes IVLA unique is our wide range of options of curriculum and extra-curricular activities. You can truly build a curriculum unique to your wants and needs.

Accelerate Education

  • Grades K-12 full curriculum with elective options
  • Incorporates a blended learning platform with interactive online lessons and the option to print additional worksheets and learning tools.

  • Provides a set calendar to keep students on track


Apex Learning

  • Grades 6-12 curriculum including some electives
  • Rigorous, Pre-College curriculum including Honors level and AP® level courses
  • Provides a set calendar to keep students on track
  • NCAA approved curriculum


  • Grades 6-12 core curriculum including a variety of electives
  • Highly interactive and full of appealing graphics with today’s teen in mind
  • Provides the opportunity for student’s to “test out” of already mastered material


  • Grades K-12 curriculum including some electives
  • College Prep, AP®, and Honors level courses are available to IVLA students in grades 9-12
  • Advanced level courses in Math, Science, and Language Arts are available to middle school students
  • Course work includes rich assignments featuring written, project-based, discussion-based, and critical thinking features.
flvs online school curriculum


  • Grades 3-12 full core curriculum including electives from a Christian background

  • Offers a student a textbook “feel” mixed with video tutorials.

  • Provides a set calendar to keep students on track


Video-Based Curriculum

  • Engaging pre-recorded video lessons presented by an experienced teacher
  • Reviews before exams that are designed to increase student confidence before taking the exam
  • An adaptive system to help fill skill gaps
  • Interactive practices to help reinforce the concepts being taught
  • An automated writing tutor that provides immediate feedback to the student to improve writing skills
  • Help videos that break down difficult concepts so students can master the concept being taught
  • Special need courses

Electives & World Languages

eDynamic Learning

  • Optional electives add-ons
  • Can be added to any of the above programs when developing your course list
  • Engaging electives that are CTE and interest based
  • Elective choices for middle school and high school students

Rosetta Stone

  • Can be added to any of the above programs when developing your course list
  • “Gamification” element helps reinforce language skills in fun and exciting ways
  • Formatted for use with mobile apps to extend learning beyond the classroom
Rosetta Stone languages online

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