What Our Students & Parents Say:

Steve and Jolie

Hear from two parents who, due to unforeseen circumstances, had to find a new high school for their son, mid-year
My favorite thing about IVLA is how well they adapted to our son's needs. He's a bright, motivated student who was on an accelerated academic course, and they continued that course for him without missing a beat." 
I chose IVLA Primarily because I was looking for a school that had a little bit more flexibility. For parents who are considering online schools, this particular program, I think, is the best choice because you have so many different programs that you can cater to our children. I've never seen any online program that offers that many different kinds of curriculum."

Brenda Shiekh

Brenda enrolled her 9 sons in IVLA. With academically gifted students, Brenda wanted a customized solution for her children to take courses at more advanced levels.

Talia Little

Talia is a recent IVLA graduate who earned herself a Division 1 full-ride scholarship to Boise State for her achievements in gymnastics. Talia is also a 2019 J.O. National Team Member. She hopes to one day become a biomedical scientist.
I train twice a day, so my schedule is really crazy... I've been online schooling for six years and that has allowed me to put all my extra time into the gym. 

Being offered a scholarship to Boise State was more than I ever could have imagined. Getting that call, verbally committing, and officially signing are three amazing events that I'm going to remember for the rest of my life.

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