What Makes IVLA Different?

Our Values

We Were Founded by an Experienced Teacher and Mother 

As a parent, there are certain checklist items that are deal breakers when looking for your child’s online education platform. First and foremost, the school needs to be accredited, show a history of success, and offer flexibility for unique lifestyles and schedules. What good is an online school without those qualifications? You may be hard-pressed to find an online school that doesn’t offer those key necessities and is still in business today. However, most families want more than just the bare minimum for their child’s education and their family’s lifestyle.

In the early 2000’s, a mother was looking for an online school for her child and wasn’t happy with the options she found. Like any mother, she wanted the best for her student. There had to be someone out there who offered a top-level education AND a more personal experience than the giant online schools she kept coming across. Being the tenacious woman that she was (and still is) she set out to create a solution for the gap she felt needed to be filled. Between her long-standing experience as a professor and the trustworthy business partners she sought after, IVLA was founded on the virtues of providing a personal experience for families that exceeded what was currently available.

We Strive to Exceed Expectations

Since that time, IVLA has continued to incorporate new ways of improving the online learning experience by engaging with students and their families and listening to their wants and needs. If we had to pick one thing that separates us from other online schools, it’s our personalized approach that truly makes us different.

We Offer a Highly Personalized Educational Experience

From the time you initially contact IVLA, whether through our website chat, phone call, or email, you’ll communicate directly with an IVLA employee. We do not rely on call centers or other outside resources when it comes to providing support to potential or existing IVLA families. The result of this open communication means every IVLA staff member is informed about all aspects of our school. From updates in our online course offerings to hearing about IVLA student success stories, we’re a team of individuals you will soon know by name.

Additionally, we provide our teachers the support and assets they need to offer the best learning experience to each of their students. Your student’s teacher will be the same individual who grades your student’s work, communicates your student’s progress to you, and provides further educational support when your student needs it. Similarly, each student will be partnered with a Success Coach to provide guidance throughout their entire educational career with IVLA.
In summary, at IVLA we pride ourselves on providing a highly personalized experience throughout the entire educational process. It begins with live support during the enrollment process and academic planning phase and continues with teacher feedback regarding your child’s academic growth. Throughout the process, an IVLA certified teacher and Success Coach works with both you and your child to ensure your child’s academic success both now and in preparation for the future.

IVLA Students & Parents Define Their Own Success

Brenda Shiekh

Mother to 9 Children Enrolled in IVLA

Talia Little

IVLA 2020 Graduate Who Earned Full Ride to Boise State University

Thoreson Sheppard

A biathlete, rock climber, ballet dancer, musician and straight-A student.

Dr. Adrian Korol

Parent of High School Student
"What a great program this is! My son was struggling with his grades for the first two years of public high school. I knew he needed a change. Now, his grades are excellent. When asked why the sudden improvement, he said because IVLA has better teachers and is a better program. For the first time, my son is learning and getting a top notch education. I wholeheartedly recommend this program."

Aslina Chua

IVLA Graduate, MSU Graduate, Current Medical School Student
Aslina Chua was an IVLA student who was able to complete her studies with IVLA while competing in tennis. Aslina then attended Michigan State University, playing tennis for the school. After graduating with her bachelors in physiology, she’s now attending medical school in France.

David Del Negro

9th Grader Who Maintained 4.0 GPA While Traveling Great American Loop
Not many students take us up on “anywhere in the world” quite as literally as David Del Negro and his family. Over the last year, the Del Negro’s have been traveling the Great American Loop by boat while David completes his first year of high school.

Our Commitment

Mauricio Gutierrez tennis player and online student
Mauricio Gutierrez, IVLA student and Peruvian tennis player


Socialization is an important aspect to education that we pay special attention to. IVLA students are given a chance to meet other students from around the globe in a fun, relaxed, and safe online environment through homeroom, weekly social hours, an IVLA-only social media platform, as well as various clubs like the National Honor Society. IVLA encourages its students to take advantage of these social activities, as we believe they are instrumental in promoting enhanced responsibility, self-control, cooperation, and assertion, which are the four primary components of social skills.

College Readiness

In an era of alarmingly poor academic achievement for U.S. public school students, IVLA is committed to preparing its students to excel at the collegiate level. We design personalized academic plans for each student, and an IVLA Success Coach works with each student to ensure that the student sticks to their plan and achieves academic success. Our commitment to academic excellence is further demonstrated by IVLA having its own chapter with the National Honor Society. IVLA is proud to see its graduates go on to attend universities such as Stanford, the University of Texas, Penn State, the University of Michigan, and many more.
Briana Street
Former IVLA student, Briana Street, after she was accepted to Tuskegee University
IVLA Graduate and Published Photographer, Taya Ivanova


At the end of the day, IVLA is a service provider. We understand that our students and families come to us because they demand a higher level of both student support and commitment to helping their child maximize their academic achievement. That is why IVLA provides a dedicated Success Coach to work with both the student and family to monitor the student’s academic progress while also providing critical guidance. Additionally, we provide live tutoring for students who would like more assistance in any given subject.


IVLA prides itself on providing a highly personalized experience throughout the entire educational process. It begins with live support during the enrollment process and academic planning phase and continues with Teacher feedback regarding your child’s academic process. Throughout the process a certified teacher and Success Coach works with both you and your child to ensure your child’s academic success.
High School Student, Christian Dresser, a competitive motocrosser 

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