Financing Plans

IVLA offers flexible, interest-free financing plans specifically designed to help our families with their child’s tuition.

Flexible Financing Plans

IVLA offers flexible, interest-free financing plans specifically designed to help our families with their child’s tuition. Our financing plans allow you to pay your child’s tuition in three, five, or ten monthly installments. These financing plans are interest free and have no impact on your credit score.

IVLA’s Tuition Discount Programs:

  • Full-time Multi-sibling Discount:
    • Two or more siblings can save with our 10% multi-student discount on second student’s tuition.
  • Full-time Military Discount:
    • Military families will receive a 10% discount on each student’s tuition (upon verification of military status)

*Please note - only one discount may be applied.

Here’s how easy we make it to finance your child’s tuition:
After you complete the enrollment application, work with your IVLA representative to choose the courses and curriculum that you and your child prefer.
Once you’ve selected your courses and curriculum, tell your IVLA representative that you want to pay the tuition using one of IVLA’s financing plans.
Your IVLA representative will send you IVLA’s Enrollment Agreement for you to sign. Simply indicate the number of payments you would like in the space provided on the Enrollment Agreement.
Your monthly payment will be billed automatically according to your selected payment options.

Choose from 5 Curriculum Options


Additional Fees

Please consider the additional fees below, which may apply to your student's customized educational program. 

Fees Not Included in Coursing Pricing


More Information

Annual registration/renewal fee Non-refundable
$150 per year
Paid Upon Enrollment
Multi-Curriculum add-ons
$200 per multi-curriculum
All Curriculum Options
High school graduation application fee
Graduation Requirements
1.0 credit of a high school AP® or Honors Course
AP® and Honors Curriculum
0.5 credit of a high school AP® or Honors Course
AP® and Honors Curriculum
High school transcript orders and shipping of documents may require an additional fee
Order Transcripts
Translation and evaluation fees apply for international students' high school transcripts
International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my child’s day going to look like?
Transitioning into online learning will most certainly include an adjustment period. Your day will look differently on the first day than it will the 30th day. We encourage you to find a routine that works for your student and family. Some students do better working early in the morning, as others work better later in the day.
In order to successfully complete their courses, students should expect to spend an average of one hour per day per course. Of course, this does vary among students and courses – but it is a good starting point to gauge the student work day. We also encourage you to schedule time away from courses. This could include exercise, playing instruments, participating in an outside activity, etc. Balancing school work and extracurricular activity is a great recipe for success!
Because of the flexibility that comes with online school, there’s no limit to what your day could look like! Take a look at some of these IVLA student below, who’ve crafted their own schedules that allow them to lead a unique lifestyle!

See What Daily Life Looks Like for These Students

How much teacher interaction will there be?
Our teachers have a 12-hour response rate (or less) for student questions and 24 hours for grading, M-F. Weekend periods, teachers will grade and answer questions once the offices open back up on Monday. When a student has a question, they can reach out to their teacher via email or through the messaging section in their curriculum at any time. While they are waiting for teachers to respond, we encourage students to work on other subjects, assignments/lessons, even getting ahead of their schedule. Teachers will respond one of 3 ways. If a simple explanation/answer is all the student needs, they will respond via email the quickest. Teachers may also provide some additional resources and notes that will further help the student. Teacher may also schedule a phone call or a one-on-one conference via an GoToMeeting (similar to Zoom) where they can share their screen and explain anything needed.
How does online school at IVLA work?
IVLA is a private, accredited school. Our students are not considered homeschool students, as their courses are overseen and assignments graded by certified teachers. Students take between 4 and 6 courses each “school year”. These course requirements vary just a bit with grade level. For instance, Elementary and Middle School students take Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies each year. High school students take their level of these courses as well as a few other requirements over the course of their high school career. Each course is delivered online. There is no need for textbooks other than our Honors and AP courses for high school.
How do I choose a curriculum?
We offer a variety of curriculum options because we know that children vary in their learning styles. The core content will be the same in each of the programs. For instance, Algebra I will teach the same content whether you choose Plato or Apex. However, the delivery will be very different. The best steps in choosing a curriculum are 1) watching the demos as a family – this will give insight as to which program the student feels the most comfortable with and drawn to 2) take into consideration if your student needs any accommodations – such as ELS services, or text to speech for students who struggle in reading comprehension for large passages. 3) reviewing graduation goals (for high school students) such as pursuing an Honors diploma. For more information, check out our How to Choose a Curriculum that Fits page.

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