IVLA’s live online tutoring sessions for our high school students provide the opportunity for these students to enhance their personalized online learning program. IVLA’s live online tutoring sessions are held using GoToMeeting© and are monitored by IVLA’s certified teachers. These sessions are structured to allow our high school students to interact directly with both the IVLA teacher and other IVLA students.

IVLA’s tutoring sessions are voluntary and are offered at no additional cost to our students. Our live online tutoring sessions are for one (1) hour and allow students the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to their subject in their particular curriculum program. Students are encouraged to participate with the subject teacher while also helping their fellow IVLA students with their questions. The goal is to promote a student-led atmosphere that is both collaborative and educational.

IVLA’s Live Online Tutoring

IVLA offers live tutoring in the following subjects:



Social Studies


French & Spanish

*Note that tutor sessions are not hosted on IVLA Holidays

What to Expect from Online Tutoring Sessions:

  • IVLA’s live tutoring sessions are accessible from your desktop computer and/or mobile devices
  • At your option, you can participate in these sessions using your device’s camera so that the other participants can see you
  • You will be interacting live with the IVLA teacher hosting the tutoring session
  • You and the other participants will be able to talk with each other throughout the one-hour session
  • You will be free to come and go as you choose
  • Expect to learn in a relaxed and interactive environment

What to Bring to an Online School Tutoring Session:

  • Bring any questions regarding specific assignments in your individual learning program
  • Bring a webcam, microphone, keyboard for chat feature, and pictures
  • Bring a desire to both learn and interact with your fellow IVLA high school students

IVLA now has an official National Honor Society Chapter!

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