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Established in 2007, IVLA’s online middle school focuses on the student’s ability to start working directly with subject area teachers.
Online Middle School:

The IVLA Difference

Grades 6-8
IVLA middle school students choose IVLA's self-paced program for a multitude of reasons. Ms. Matheson Malpass, for example, creates a schedule to work around her passion for dance.


IVLA provides a complete, self-paced education for middle school students in grades 6 through 8. Middle school students are required to take four (4) core courses: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, with an option to choose from our middle school electives. Each core course is taught by a certified subject-area teacher. IVLA’s online curriculum offerings, combined with our certified teachers and success coaches, provide our parents and students with both the resources and support necessary for a successful transition into high school.


IVLA understands that the transition from elementary to middle school can indeed be a big step. Students vary with regard to their academic ability, which is why IVLA offers personalized educational programs that allow each student to learn at their own pace and ability in a school calendar year. That’s why our experienced success coaches and teachers work closely with our students and their families to help guide our young learners to meet their academic goals.

Moreover, middle school students in grades 7 and 8 have the opportunity to earn high school credit in core subjects such as math and/or foreign language, provided that all required pre-requisites have been met and the student’s assessment indicates that the student is prepared for this challenge.

IVLA offers GATE classes to any of its middle school students that choose to challenge themselves academically. These students have their own chat room and interact with their GATE teacher and other GATE students.
Middle School Student, Peyton Ross
Congratulations to Ms. Peyton Ross for her achievements in Irish dancing!
online homeroom with IVLA
IVLA students meet for homeroom with Mrs. Frank


IVLA’s online middle school students will also enjoy up to seven (7) optional monthly live homeroom sessions where they will get to know their fellow classmates while engaging in fun activities! These sessions are conducted in a private, live virtual environment and led by our qualified and fully certified middle school teachers. IVLA Online Middle School also offer a fun, online book club and have a very active chat room where we post daily and interact with each other on a frequent basis. IVLA middle school students that want help with their math studies can attend weekly online math tutoring sessions. IVLA’s online middle school also offers an annual STEM Fair, a Poetry Contest, and an online graduation ceremony where our students can celebrate their accomplishment.

Graduating IVLA Middle School Students are provided with an informative and interactive online session called Gearing Up for High School. The Gearing Up for High School session will answer all parent and student questions and walk you through the process of becoming a high school student at IVLA.

Attend a Virtual Open House

Attend a live open house webinar to get a firsthand look at all the options our accredited K-12 online curricula has to offer. We’ll discuss how online education works, what makes IVLA different from other K-12 online schools, and answer live questions from the audience.
TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
IVLA Virtual Open HouseJun 25, 20249:00am PDT1 hour
IVLA Virtual Open HouseJul 10, 20242:00pm PDT1 hour
IVLA Virtual Open HouseJul 24, 202410:00am PDT1 hour

Parent & Student Expectations

IVLA understands that the individual needs of its middle school students vary, with some wanting extra support and guidance from their success coach, teacher, and parents while other students will prefer to learn more independently. Throughout the learning process, IVLA relies on the parents to work with their child’s success coach to help their child achieve academic excellence. Above all, parent communication is vital to the success of the student.

middle school students can expect to:

Manage their time by completing all daily work
Spend an average of 15-20 hours per week on coursework
Communicate any needs or questions with their teachers and/or success coach
Interact with other students at IVLA through homeroom and IVLA’s chat
Be held accountable for their progress and grades
Obtain feedback on assignments and progress

Parents of an online middle school student can expect to:

Check in weekly to monitor progress and grades in the parent portal
Encourage their child to contact their teachers or success coach with questions
Help their child manage their time and establish good work habits at home
Communicate directly with teachers and success coach
Help create a distraction free learning space.
Encourage students to attend live homeroom sessions & participate in IVLA’s chat room

Curriculum Options

Grades 6-8

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive High School credits while in Middle School?
Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 can receive high school credit for high school level math such as Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. Students wanting to take this level of math must show mastery of prerequisite requirements in each. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are also allowed to take a foreign language for high school credit. All other core courses and electives taken in middle school will not be considered for high school credit in accordance with college entrance requirements. We permit students the opportunity to take high school level electives at the middle school level, however these courses will not count toward graduation requirements at the high school level.
Does IVLA allow students to work at their own slower pace or work faster to move on to the next grade?
As long as an IVLA student completes all required coursework within the specified enrollment period, IVLA encourages everyone to work at a personally comfortable pace. Some learners prefer to complete one course at a time while others want to move ahead as quickly as possible. Once a student has completed all the required work within a grade level, he/she may re-enroll in the next grade level without waiting for the enrollment period to expire.
What is IVLA’s Grading Scale?
What happens if I don’t submit work to IVLA?
IVLA considers learning to be a process that requires responsible participation on the part of students and families and strongly encourages students to establish a schedule for submitting assignments. IVLA also recommends that students keep communication active using the IVLA internal messaging system.
IVLA recognizes and respects that there may be extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from submitting work and communicating with administrators, teachers and counselors. We encourage you to contact IVLA’s school administrator to discuss these situations.
IVLA respects the seriousness of an Academic Withdrawal. If 21 days or more have passed and the student has not submitted any lessons, IVLA may be required to initiate a report of absence to IVLA’s Attendance Department. The Attendance Department will make every attempt to contact the student via telephone, email and letter. If after 30 days, IVLA has been unable to reach the student, enrollment will be suspended.
If I complete my IVLA coursework ahead of schedule and I did not pay in full, do I have to keep paying monthly?
The cost of IVLA’s all-inclusive tuition remains the same regardless of course completion date. Payment must be made in full before re-enrolling for the next grade level and before IVLA can release grades for completed courses.
How often should I submit lessons to IVLA?
Students should complete one-to-two lessons per week for each course taken.
How do I qualify for IVLA Honors or AP® courses?
IVLA students wishing to enroll in honors courses must have a minimum 3.0 GPA or a letter of recommendation from an instructor or counselor. IVLA Students wishing to enroll in AP® courses must have a minimum 3.5 GPA and meet all course prerequisites. Please contact an IVLA enrollment specialist for more information.

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