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International students from over 50 different countries represent IVLA's student body of K-12 online students. Try a free demo today!

IVLA Students from 30+ Countries Working Towards a U.S. Diploma

IVLA accepts students from all around the world that are seeking a flexible U.S. education and diploma. The student body is represented by more than 30 different countries. IVLA provides self-paced courses that offer students the flexibility to learn at their own time, location, and pace.

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English Learners & Transferring Students


Transferring High School Students:

Students that have earned any high school credits internationally need to have their transcripts translated into English and submitted to Scholaro to have a foreign transcript evaluation completed (note that Scholaro does charge a fee for this service).  IVLA will then review Scholaro’s evaluation.

Learn more about IVLA’s diploma requirements

Transferring K-8 Students:

Students enrolling in IVLA from other international schools will need to provide IVLA with records prepared in English. If the parent is not sure of the student’s appropriate grade level, IVLA will begin with an assessment in Reading and Mathematics once the student application is received.


English Learners:

Students need to have the ability to speak, listen, write, and read proficiently in English to attend. We do not require an English assessment to begin, however, students must provide their own support if they are still learning English. If you are unsure if a U.S. Curriculum is right for your student, we encourage you to test your English proficiency by taking an optional assessment independently.

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Applying to Universities

University Acceptance

Upon completion of the graduation requirements students will graduate from IVLA with an accredited U.S. diploma that is accepted at most universities in the United States. If students apply to universities outside of the United States it is important to ensure the university accepts diplomas from accredited U.S. schools such as IVLA.
Universities IVLA Students
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