How Online School Works


How Self-Paced Online School Works

International Virtual Learning Academy is committed to providing a smooth and personalized enrollment process that is focused on the educational needs of your child. Whether you are enrolling as a full-time student, a part-time student, as an adult learner, or just taking one class, IVLA is here to assist you throughout the enrollment process. IVLA’s rolling enrollment, which allows students to start and/or add classes whenever they choose, furthers our commitment of providing our students and families with maximum flexibility and personalization of their educational experience.

Self-Paced Courses

IVLA offers its students courses that are self-paced. Our courses are pre-loaded and accessible by students at any time and from any location. Our courses are asynchronous (not live), which allows our students the freedom and flexibility to learn according to their schedule and comfort level. IVLA students are required to meet attendance standards by logging in regularly and meeting minimum progress requirements in their courses. Each IVLA student’s attendance is monitored by both our teachers and Success Coaches. Each of our learning programs also has a pacing guide that helps our students remain on track and finish on time!
The Wiedemuth brother enjoying the waves for recess 


IVLA offers over 2,000 challenging and diverse courses and 6 curriculum options, including both Honors and AP level courses. Each semester-long course earns a half credit and IVLA students have up to five (5) months to complete these courses. Each year-long course earns one (1) credit and students have up to ten (10) months to complete these courses. At IVLA, students can complete their courses sooner should they choose to do so. 

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Each IVLA course is taught by a certified teacher, with full-time students also receiving the added benefit of a Success Coach. Both our teachers and Success Coaches work with our students to monitor their course, evaluate their performance, and provide any necessary assistance that a student may require throughout the month.

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Isabella Hanson Acting in a Co-op Theater Production
Read a student submitted article by high school student, NHS Member, performer, and aspiring psychologist, Isabella Hanson, about the importance of destigmatizing mental health
Riley Beyers - online high school - south africa
High school student, Riley Beyers, lives in South Africa where she often helps her mom who works with a primate rescue organization.

Live Social Time

IVLA offers its full-time kindergarten through grade 12 students the opportunity to meet other students in their particular grade level, regardless of their geographic location. IVLA students can do this within a secure online environment via camera, microphone, or chat. IVLA also encourages its students to take advantage of its secure, downloadable app that allows students to interact all hours of the day.

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IVLA’s tuition is based on how many courses the student takes, not on how much time they spend on their coursework. Although our students are required to complete their coursework within 10 months for a full year enrollment and 5 months for a semester enrollment. it’s important to know that your tuition provides you with a fully accredited learning program and diploma. IVLA will provide you with an exact tuition fee once you have submitted your application and consulted with one of our Enrollment Specialists.

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We love this photo of high school student Ethan Harder on an average school day with his cat in his lap. One of the best parts of online school is getting to spend more time around your family and those you love.
Another one of our favorite photos shared by an IVLA family pictures student Dawon Suh when she was in elementary school. 


IVLA students can request a transcript and/or report card once courses have been completed and the tuition has been paid in full. IVLA course credits are accepted by most U.S universities. We encourage you to check with your local school authorities to confirm that they accept IVLA course credits. You can learn about our accreditations here: 

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IVLA offers a variety of learning programs, and we are here to help you decide which learning program is best for you!

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Hannah Hoyle was one of the first high school students to join NHS with IVLA.  The year prior, she was the Wisconsin Girls Hockey U16 State Champion. Her goal is to play women’s Ice hockey and be a part of the USA Olympic Hockey Team.

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