International Virtual Learning Academy is committed to providing a smooth and personalized enrollment process that is focused on the educational needs of your child. Whether you are enrolling as a full-time student, a part-time student, as an adult learner, or just taking one class, IVLA is here to assist you throughout the enrollment process. IVLA’s rolling enrollment, which allows students to start and/or add classes whenever they choose, furthers our commitment of providing our students and families with maximum flexibility and personalization of their educational experience.

The following summarizes IVLA’s easy enrollment process:

Whether you’re ready to begin your IVLA education now or at a future date, you can start the application process today.

Once you have submitted your application, an IVLA Enrollment Specialist will follow up with you within 24-48 business hours!

The application only takes a few minutes, providing information about you and your student, plus a $150 enrollment fee.

Complete the Application

2. Work with Our Enrollment Specialist to Gather Your School Records

As part of the application process, you need to gather your student’s report cards and transcripts.

To expedite your IVLA enrollment process, students in grades 1-12 can download IVLA’s record request form by accessing the following link:  Records Request

IVLA accepts most transfer credits from other schools and homeschool families. IVLA also offers assessments once you have completed the application process. Note that international students may be subject to additional enrollment requirements and/or fees. An IVLA Enrollment Specialist will assist you in both gathering the required school records and creating a personalized education program that meets both your specific needs and the mandated requirements for your student’s grade level.

Download Records Request Form

3. Start Your Courses

IVLA recognizes that students learn differently. To accommodate these differences, IVLA offers six (6) different online curriculum options for you to choose from.

Once you and IVLA’s Enrollment Specialist have completed your personal education program, IVLA will email your login credentials prior to your start date. Once you receive your IVLA login credentials, you and your child will have the freedom, and control, to complete the IVLA coursework at your own pace and at any time and from any location.

Request a Demo of Our Curriculum Options