International Virtual Learning Academy is a private, accredited school.  Our students are not considered homeschool students, as their courses are overseen and assignments graded by certified teachers.  Students take between 4 and 6 courses each “school year”.  These course requirements vary just a bit with grade level.  For instance, Elementary and Middle School students take Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies each year.  High school students take their level of these courses as well as a few other requirements over the course of their high school career.  Each course is delivered online.  There is no need for textbooks other than our Honors and AP courses for high school.

1. Select Grade Level

We offer courses for kindergarten through adult high school.

Select the grade level you’re interested in and find the programs available for that grade level.

2. Choose a Curriculum

We offer 6 different online learning platforms for students.

  1. OdysseyWare –  offers the curriculum from a secular point of view. Uses a student a textbook feel mixed with video tutorials and provides a set calendar to keep students on track. OdysseyWare is available for students in grades 1 – 12.
  2. Christian Curriculum –  offers the curriculum from a Christian point of view.  Uses a student a textbook feel mixed with video tutorials and provides a set calendar to keep students on track.  Christian Curriculum available for students in 1 – 12.
  3. Edmentum – This is our newest platform.  This program is highly interactive.  Developed with today’s teen in mind, Edmentums full of appealing graphics.  Edmentum is available for grades 6 -12.
  4. Apex  – This program not only offers standard core courses and electives, but also a large selection of Honors and AP level courses.  Students in these courses will experience a rigorous curriculum that is primarily text-based.  Apex is available for grades 9 – 12.
  5. Accelerate – This curriculum is only available for Elementary students in grades K – 5.
  6. eDynamic – these are elective courses that can be added on to any of the above curriculum. These courses are available for middle school and high school students.

3. Try a Demo

We have demos for all curriculum options

International Virtual Learning Academy is proud to offer demos of all our curriculum providers.  So you can try it out before making your selection.   To receive a demo login, simply complete the simple form below, and check the box for the curriculums you are interested in demoing.

4. Select a Diploma Program

For high school students

We provide three diploma programs. We want our students to be successful whichever path they choose. Before choosing a diploma program, we suggest that you discuss as a family your student’s plan beyond high school. This will help narrow down which plan is the best fit for your needs. If your plan includes a post-secondary program, we encourage you to research the entrance requirements of that program. Colleges and universities vary in their requirements for entering students. Once you know these requirements, we can help you build an academic plan that will fit your student’s needs.

5. Contact Us with Questions

You’ll have questions, we’ll have answers

All of your questions are important to us!  We want to make sure that you are comfortable with all of the course offerings and ready to make a decision regarding your student’s graduation plan.

6. Gather Your Documents

A past report card or transcript

In order to best develop a plan for your student, we will need either a report card from the previous year (for Elementary and Middle School) or official transcripts (for High School students).  For your convenience, you can download our Records Request form here.

7. Enroll

Sign up, and start learning!

Once you fill out the registration form, we will be in contact with you regarding your students’ enrollment.