For Students Seeking to Recapture Credit for Previously Completed Courses

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) offers Credit Recovery courses that play an important role in keeping students on track for their high school graduation.

Our credit recovery solutions have been specifically designed to meet the needs of students looking to recover credits for courses they have previously taken. IVLA’s standards-based content ensures that all students are mastering the skills necessary for success.

IVLA’s Credit Recovery Program courses include pre-tests specifically designed to review each unit of content to identify both a student’s learned skills and areas that require additional learning. This allows students to test out of material that they have already mastered so they can focus their learning on the content/concepts requiring enhanced learning.

Our credit recovery courses are online, self-paced, and taught by certified teachers. Students can enroll anytime and personalize their credit recovery course(s) to fit their schedule.

How Credit Recovery Works:

  • IVLA has over 100 credit recovery courses available

  • Students have ten (10) months to complete a one-credit course and five (5) months to complete a half-credit course. Students can choose to complete the courses sooner.

  • Transcripts are required upon enrollment.

  • Students are responsible for obtaining approval from their school before taking IVLA’s credit recovery course(s).

  • IVLA certified teachers will oversee student progress and approve final grades.

  • NCAA guidelines stipulate that NCAA students are not eligible for these credit recovery courses. NCAA students are allowed to retake regular IVLA courses for credit recovery based on NCAA guidelines.

  • The pre-test capabilities only apply to core courses. Pre-test capabilities do not apply to Honors, AP, and/or electives.

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