Credit Recovery

Credit recovery programs give high school students the option to retake a course they previously attempted but did not pass.

For Students Seeking to Recapture Credit for Previously Completed Courses

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) offers online credit recovery courses that can help keep students on track for high school graduation.

What is credit recovery?

IVLA’S credit recovery program allows high school students to retake courses they did not complete or pass. Credit recovery courses help students who are short on credits get back on track, earning the credits required to graduate. These courses are suitable for both IVLA students and students who need to transfer credits from IVLA to another school. Contact us for information about transferring IVLA credits to another school.

Our accredited online courses are designed to meet the needs of students looking to recover credits for courses they have previously taken. IVLA’s standards-based content ensures that all students are mastering the skills necessary for success.

IVLA’s online credit recovery courses include pre-tests designed to identify both a student’s learned skills and areas that require additional learning. As a result, students who have mastered certain material may simply focus on the content that needs additional learning.

All of our courses are online, self-paced, and taught by certified teachers. Students can enroll anytime and personalize their course(s) to fit their schedule.

How does credit recovery work?

Credit recovery courses offer students in grades 9-12 a chance to learn at their own pace, and at any time and location.
Each course is designed with pre-tests to identify the student’s mastered concepts and the areas that require additional learning.
Students have ten (10) months to complete a one-credit (1.0) course and five (5) months to complete a half-credit (0.5) course. Students may choose to complete the courses sooner.
Students are responsible for obtaining approval from their school before taking IVLA’s credit recovery course(s).
Once students complete their credit recovery courses students will have an accredited transcript to transfer to the next school.
Previous high school transcript is required prior to taking an IVLA credit recovery course
Based on NCAA regulations, NCAA athletes are not eligible for credit recovery.

Available Credit Recovery Courses


● English 9
● English 10
● English 11
● English 12


● Algebra 1
● Geometry
● Algebra 2
● Math 1
● Math 2
● Math 3
● Probability & Statistics
● Pre-Cal (AE)


● Biology
● Chemistry
● Environmental Science
● Physical Science
● Physics
● Earth Science (AE)

Social Studies

● Economics & Personal Finance
● Economics
● Financial Literacy
● Government
● U.S. History
● World History

Foreign Language

● Spanish 1
● Spanish 2


Required health course

Single Course

* A success coach is not included with single courses
* Additional $125 (1 credit course) or $75 (0.5 credit course) for each AP and Honors course
* Discounts can not be applied to single courses

One Semester
(0.5 Credits)


One Semester
(0.5 Credits)

Interest-Free Payment Options

One Year
(1 credit)


One Year
(1 credit)

Interest-Free Payment Options

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