National Honor Society Member Requirements & Chapter Information

National Honor Society membership requirements include maintaining a 3.5 GPA, participating in service projects, monthly meetings, and a few more.

National Honor Society Membership Requirements Through an Online School

IVLA is proud to be recognized with its own chapter from the National Honor Society. A frequent question families often ask is how a National Honor Society chapter works with an online high school. The answer is – it’s not that much different from a traditional brick and mortar school! Below you can learn more about IVLA’s eligibility and National Honor Society membership requirements for student consideration.

Just like at a traditional high school, students at IVLA must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher in order to be a member of the NHS. In addition to attending monthly online meetings, students must also actively participate in our school-wide service projects. These service projects vary from year to year and are always organized so that you may contribute as a student from anywhere in the world. If you’re interested in learning about our current service project, please contact us! We’re always happy to chat with you about this by phone, our online chat, or email.

Additionally, NHS members at IVLA are also required to complete a minimum of ten (10) community service hours within their community each school year. This service needs to be verified and tracked by a leader of the community organization they serve. Lastly, students must participate in one-hour per month of live peer tutoring in a subject of their choice or similar live activities such as leading social hours or leading other school activities.

See What IVLA's NHS Students
Accomplished This Past School Year

Eligibility for NHS Membership Consideration

An At-a-Glance Checklist for the NHS Membership Application Process

Full-Time Student

Grades 10-12

Minimum Class Completion

Of 1 Semester


Of 3.5 or Higher

Success Coach

Must Complete a Faculty Input Form

Letter of Recommendation

From a non-family member

Complete Application

Provided After Enrollment

NHS Member Requirements FAQ

What if my student is/was already a member of NHS at a previous school?
Transferring students will be allowed membership with (1) Proof of enrollment from previous school and (2) they will be given one semester to meet and maintain any of our standards that might be different from their previous school.
Does NHS cost money?
Dues will never exceed $20, if needed in a school year.
Does NHS accommodate responsibilities for students with documented disabilities?
Yes. NHS allows for schools to make reasonable accommodations in these circumstances at the discretion of the advisor and director.
Are there deadlines to enroll in the NHS at IVLA?
There are two deadlines to apply, each semester. One fall (November) and one spring (April). Contact us for exact dates.

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