International-StudentsAt IVLA, we encourage international students to enroll with us.  As an accredited school, we can offer any full-time student a US high school diploma with the completion of our graduation standards.    We cater to all family situations, including military families, missionaries or those that are native to countries outside of the US.

Are you transferring to us from an international high school? We have a qualified staff to work with transcripts from schools outside of the US.  We can work with any transcript to develop an academic plan that meets the requirements of one of our diploma programs.

There is no need to worry about the limitations of international communication.  International students will still have the benefit of working with our teachers and success coachs in real-time virtual classrooms.   Our classrooms do not require students to call in.  They can simply use a microphone and speaker to interact with teachers and success coachs. To accommodate time differences, we have teachers and success coachs located all over the US.

There is no additional fee for international students.  We provide all of our services at the same low cost to all of our families.

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