Online Homeroom

All full-time IVLA students in elementary and middle school have the opportunity to participate IVLA’s online homeroom meeting twice a month.  Homeroom gives students the chance to meet with a success coach and their peers in a secure online classroom.

How Does an Online Homeroom Work?

The Success Coach (an IVLA teacher) and students log into a safe and secure live online meeting.  Students can use a video application (optional), computer audio, conference call number, or the meeting chat.  Together, Success Coach and students work through:

  • Cooperative learning opportunities
  • Learning enrichment exercises
  • Get-to-know-you activities

As a collaborative online learning environment, homeroom gives students a chance to learn in unique ways. Homeroom provides:

  • Community – Students come from all walks of life and from all over the world. They are able to interact with one another in a safe, supervised environment.
  • Enhanced communication skills – Students communicate with others via webcam (optional) or the chat feature.
  • Global Perspective – Students come to homeroom from different countries giving students the opportunity to learn from their worldwide peers.
  • Friendship – Student can interact with their peers and build friendships in a safe environment.