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Enrollment Benefits

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is an online accredited, NCAA approved, private school for students in grades K-12. IVLA is fully accredited by Cognia and is available to students in the United States and internationally. IVLA students received a California State High School Diploma once completing the graduation requirements. IVLA meets and/or exceeds national content standards and offers transcripts for transfer assistance.

We offer rolling enrollment to meet the individual needs of our students and families. All our courses are asynchronous, with printable capabilities and available to guardians and students.

Our Teachers

IVLA Teachers are certified teachers from all around the U.S. and Internationally. Our teachers and Success Coaches interact frequently with families to monitor student progress and success. Teachers and Success Coaches are passionate about providing students with constructive feedback, individualized learning, and additional online support and tools, as needed.

Our Online School

IVLA’s courseware systems provide the opportunity for the individualization of each student’s educational needs. IVLA offers over 2,000 courses of the most innovative, engaging, and effective online curriculum available.

IVLA is an ideal learning environment for:

  • Students in need of a flexible schedule
  • Students engaged in technology
  • Students wanting more independence with their learning
  • College Prep Diploma
  • College Courses
  • Advanced Placement
  • Honors Courses
  • Summer School
  • Electives

Tuition and Payment Plans

Our tuition includes support from the very beginning with an Enrollment Specialist that will contact you within 24-48 business hours of applying. Our tuition also includes the curriculum, certified teacher support and feedback, success coach (full-time students), and accredited transcripts/report cards.

There is a non-refundable Annual Registration/Application Fee of $150 and is payable each year on the anniversary of the initial enrollment.

Tuition can be paid in 1 lump sum or up to 10 monthly payments for a full-year enrollment or 5 monthly payments for a semester enrollment.

Payment plans are a courtesy IVLA extends to its families. IVLA reserves the right to cancel or alter said payment plan. There is no penalty for early payment/payoff of plan. A $10 processing fee is added to each payment.

Admissions Policy

IVLA is an online, accredited, private, K-12 learning academy and requires tuition to attend. Our tuition includes the curriculum, certified teacher support and feedback, and accredited transcripts/report cards.

Enrollment / Eligibility Policy

IVLA enrollment is open to all students in Grades K-12, who are willing to work semi- independently, with the desire to learn, set goals, and accept responsibility for their own study schedules. IVLA will admit all eligible students who choose to attend, space permitting. No student will be denied admission based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

IVLA is open to all and serves students anywhere in the world who have adequate and consistent access to the internet.

Students enrolled at IVLA participate in a private school authorized by California business and education codes. IVLA will maintain your student’s official school records, including progress and transcripts.

IVLA will request your student’s records from the previous school setting (public, private, or other homeschool program). In addition, IVLA will verify your child’s enrollment, should you be contacted by school officials.


In the event a student does not make adequate progress in in 21 days or more and becomes inactive, the student will be blocked until a meeting can be arranged with the parent or guardian.  The student/family will be notified of any account hold.  At this time, tuition/payments are still due while the student is blocked.   Students may lose valuable time and will not get this time back even after contact is made. Students that are inactive and not making adequate progress for more than 30 days may result in truancy and their appropriate governing authorities will be notified.

Enrollment Options

Full Time Student –In Our Regular Academic Program

When your student enrolls in IVLA, they become part of a legal private school. IVLA maintains all student records, along with providing report cards/transcripts, and a diploma upon graduation of grades 5, 8, and 12.

Single Course(s) Enrollment

Students can take IVLA courses for credit while enrolled at another school, with a verification of enrollment. Check with your school first to make sure they will accept the transferring accredited credits.

International Enrollment

Students need to have the ability to speak, listen, write, and read proficiently in English to attend. We do not require an English assessment to begin; however, students must provide their own support if they are still learning English. If you are unsure if a U.S. Curriculum is right for your student, we encourage you to test your English proficiency by taking an optional assessment independently.

Grades K-8: Students enrolling in IVLA from other international schools will need to provide IVLA with records prepared in English. If the parent is not sure of the student’s appropriate grade level, IVLA will begin with an assessment in Reading and Mathematics once the student application is received.

Grades 9-12: Students that have earned any high school credits internationally need to have their transcripts translated into English and submitted to Scholaro to have a foreign transcript evaluation completed (note that Scholaro does charge a fee for this service).  IVLA will then review Scholaro’s evaluation.

Refund Policy

IVLA strongly suggests trying our free demo before enrolling as our Enrollment Fee is non-refundable.

If tuition has been paid in full, a refund of 50% will be issued if less than ¼ of the course of the course material has been completed and before 30 days of payment. In the first 30 days, if using a payment plan, payments are still due up to 50% of total tuition cost. If on 31 calendar days or more after the first course start date, no refund/credit is available, and any balance owed remains due immediately, this includes families on payment plans. If using a payment plan, no refund is available.


Enroll Anytime, Anywhere

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