Maryland State Homeschool / Online School requirements

What to Know About Homeschooling in Maryland

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The IVLA Process For Maryland-Based Families

Contact your local school board and/or school to both withdraw your child from school and request the required documents for home schooling.

On the documentations you will choose the “Program Type A” which is parents will maintain a portfolio of materials, which demonstrates that regular, thorough instruction is being provided, according to COMAR Regulations 13A 10.10.01C, .01D, and .01E. The portfolio will be reviewed by local school system personnel at least twice during the year, at a mutually agreeable time and place

Begin IVLA’s application process and the selection of courses that meet the requirements of your state. You can find your course requirements here: 

IVLA will provide both the tools and support needed to obtain the syllabi and any required reports. Note that you are required to complete and sign the documents provided to you by your district. Also, note that IVLA cannot deliver these documents to the appropriate agency on your behalf.

Your children are eligible to attend International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) to obtain their education and high school diploma.
The state of Maryland does not recognize online schools that are not located within the state of Maryland as “traditional” schools.
Maryland based students that are enrolled in an online school that is NOT located within the state of Maryland are classified as “home schooled” and must follow Maryland state homeschooling laws.
IVLA is, and has been, the online school for many Maryland based families and students.
IVLA’s extensive experience with Maryland based families and students has given IVLA a thorough understanding of the requirements of Maryland’s homeschooling laws.

Maryland FAQs

What is independent study?
Independent study is a course you would take traditionally at home as a typical homeschool course. This means you are responsible for the records, quarterly reports, and completion. If you want to add on an independent study, we can provide you with a packet to help guide you in the process.
Do you offer health, PE, art, and music?
We do offer some health, pe, art, and music courses. If we do not have courses desired or needed, students can take independent study courses or take your own program at home in addition to our curriculum.
How do I get reports or portfolio materials?
Full-time Maryland students will have a coach to assist you with this process. IVLA’s entire process is online, which puts all of our resources at your fingertips. Students are encouraged to save their work offline for easiest access. Start saving these documents early and often in an offline folder on your desktop.
Is IVLA located in the state of Maryland?
IVLA is not located in the state of Maryland, but students from Maryland may attend our school.
Does IVLA complete your homeschool documents and submit them on your behalf?
No. State laws require the student’s guardian to complete all required documents and then submit them to the appropriate agencies in accordance with stated deadlines.
Is IVLA approved by the state of Maryland?
IVLA is approved as long as family notifies district as a homeschool family. Parents will maintain a portfolio of materials, which demonstrates that regular, thorough instruction is being provided by the use of IVLA curriculum and teachers. More here:

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