Video-Based Curriculum

About the Video-Based Curriculum

International Virtual Learning Academy’s (IVLA) Video Program offers enriching and interactive learning for the visual learner in grades K-12. Each course combines high-definition video technology and U.S. certified teacher instruction.

Ignitia Curriculum

Interactive Hands-on Learning

Each lesson is a pre-recorded video lecture in which the teacher presents a specific concept to be learned. These lessons include features from pre-tests, interactive practice problems, automated writing tutors, special printable assignments, and help videos. Each educational unit is designed with the same approach, such as practice problems immediately following the video lessons to ensure that the student masters the concept being taught. Students are assigned goals each day to help them organize their daily schedule. Hands-on learning material is available during each educational unit, which allows students to engage in higher order thinking such as writing development and research skills. At the end of each educational unit, students can take advantage of a review prior to taking the exam. These reviews provide extra help videos that assist the student in mastering the concept being taught.

STEM, AP, and Special Needs Courses Available

IVLA’s Video Program offers over 250 courses, such as core courses, STEM focused electives, and AP courses. This program allows students to take breaks without losing their spot when they return to the learning process. The courses are accessible via a mobile app or with a web browser, and some courses may require printing enriching hands-on materials. Some courses are pre-designed for students with special needs, giving these students the tools needed for success at any educational level. These courses incorporate the same content but at a deeper level, which allows students to learn at their own pace.

Course Features Include:

  • Engaging pre-recorded video lessons presented by an experienced teacher
  • Reviews before exams that are designed to increase student confidence before taking the exam
  • An adaptive system to help fill skill gaps
  • Interactive practices to help reinforce the concepts being taught
  • An automated writing tutor that provides immediate feedback to the student to improve writing skills
  • Help videos that break down difficult concepts so students can master the concept being taught
  • Special need courses

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