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Accredited GED Online Now


An accredited GED online is a quick and easy way to increase job opportunities and economic upward mobility, in an ever-competitive job market. High school diplomas continue to be the employment standard all across the country. Without a completed high school education or GED, job options are simply more [...]

Accredited GED Online Now2019-02-15T16:00:01+00:00

Long Distance Learning Rises


Employers predict that more Generation Z teens (between the ages of 16 and 18) will join the workforce without completing traditional schooling. In other words, they will seek to finish schooling through methods like long distance learning. What is behind this rise in popularity? Long [...]

Long Distance Learning Rises2019-02-01T18:42:15+00:00

Homeschool Alternatives for your Family


Families often look for homeschool alternatives as the job of an academic advisor, teacher, and parent become too cumbersome. In addition, many parents believe a teacher should have an emotional and un-biased separation from their students to maintain an objective lesson plan and grading scale. [...]

Homeschool Alternatives for your Family2019-02-01T18:40:19+00:00

Distance Education


History of Distance Education Many people aren't aware that distance education has existed for hundreds of years through correspondence courses using the post office. Over the years, we’ve traded this physical application for an improved digital version, where distance education is possible completely online. As [...]

Distance Education2018-09-27T01:01:26+00:00

What is Cyber School?


The term “cyber school” may seem dated as if it’s part of a title from a late 90s movie. Nonetheless, "cyber school" has the same meaning as "online school" and is still occasionally used today. Once thought of as unconventional, cyber school education is now at [...]

What is Cyber School?2018-09-05T16:37:24+00:00

Project-based Learning for Gifted Students


The Power of Project-Based Learning for Gifted and Talented Students For the past two school years, International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) has offered a program for gifted and talented students called GATE (Gifted And Talented Education). In addition to an individualized accelerated learning plan, students [...]

Project-based Learning for Gifted Students2018-05-07T17:36:34+00:00

Meet IVLA High School English Teacher, Ms. Bethanie Frank


Meet Ms. Frank! What do you get when you combine a love of literature, improve comedy, and knitting? IVLA high school English teacher, Ms. Bethanie Frank! Ms. Frank was kind enough to answer a few questions.   What are your hobbies/interests?  I am a knitter [...]

Meet IVLA High School English Teacher, Ms. Bethanie Frank2018-04-24T02:58:12+00:00
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