IVLA Launches Social Media Platform for Students, Parents, and Teachers to Interact

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Last week, IVLA launched a new social media platform for student engagement. This platform is unique to the larger, more well-known channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in the way that you must be associated with IVLA in order to engage through the app. [...]

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) Online School Announces Partnership With English Steps, Ltd.

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HENDERSON, NV –International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA), a fully accredited and NCAA approved private online school, announced it is partnering with English Steps, Ltd. to provide Brazilian K-12 students with the best online English courses available. These online english courses are all centered around IVLA’s [...]

Student Spotlight: Anna Leigh Waters, the Youngest Pickleball Professional

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At International Virtual Learning Academy, we have the honor of working with students who have unique career aspirations, hobbies, and talents. From actors and athletes, to musicians and published authors, IVLA students find the flexibility in their education allows them to hone in on their [...]

Learning Academy Online

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Every student attending an online learning academy has a front-row seat. Following state standards and benchmarks, no student can easily hide or shy away from a proper education in an online learning setting. A popular misconception about virtual learning academies is that it's not as [...]

Virtual Teacher Learning

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Adapting to the ever-changing Internet landscape has become a necessity. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly hard for school teachers to reach out to their students in a traditional school environment. Students who follow the curriculum in an online setting, taught by a virtual teacher - [...]