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Published: June 8, 2023

Poetry Contest Winners - Spring 2023

Congratulations to our immensely talented poetry contest winners! We have three middle school winners as well as three high school winners. You can peruse all of their creative original works below.

Middle School Winners


1st Place: Izi Cisneros



The storm is coming.

A dark sky is heavy with promise

Gusty winds bring imposing clouds

Ominous thunder rumbles

Dark sky is heavy with promise

Tempestuous white lightning strikes

Ominous thunder rumbles

The clouds lay down their burdens

Tempestuous white lightning strikes

Heavy, free, peacefully raging torment

The clouds lay down their burdens

The storm is coming.

2nd Place: Ellah Stewart


The Magic of a Good Book

I open the pages of a new tome,

And enter a world all my own.

Sometimes I discover a friend,

That becomes a part of me without an end.

I’ve shared bonds, though brief, and this I did not first intend.

I’m invisible when involved in a book,

Nestled in the quiet of my reading nook.

I’m spellbound in the pages of a yarn,

As I continue, my soul seems such as a starn.

The pages turn briskly as the book unveils,

I’m engrossed in each page of spells and tales.

The feeling when I read cannot be overtook,

As for me, nothing can top a good book.


3rd Place: Juliette Van Dyke


An Ode to the Toilet Valve

We send you off with a salute,

once flushing vigorously and full of life,

When the instructions really meant something,

now you're put to rest in pieces.


High School Winners


1st Place: Sebastian Torres Dufau


A Heart of Gold (A Tribute for Mother's Day)

It’s my philommat mother

sacrificing her own needs.

Unconditional lover,

yes, she’s the greatest indeed.


Will always show devotion,

patient in all situations.

No matter her commotion

she’ll come through complications.


She has everything controlled,

My magical medicine.

She will always make me grin,

her heart is made of pure gold.

2nd Place: Anna Kuchina


Rebirth in the Winter Night

Winter persistently trembles on threshold. Back here again
Where all Started From. The Old Year glides on the gambrel, but
Nobody cares. It is lost to all. The Holiday Flavor - the flavor of life
is among us once more. Snow falls - such a blessing from angels. Perhaps,
It is a salvation of our suffering souls these cavernous nights.
Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Stop! Although...
No, Go Away! Your mournful song no longer whistles in the gusts
Оf the December wind. You have gone like a wilted rose.
You have left us by this forest path. Someone else takes your place
On the throne of life. The time has come to depart…
A weak elder, you cannot take a newborn life. The Ragnarok is frontwards but meanwhile...
Again we will follow the whistle of birds. And again the sun will rise above our heads.
And you will go into the abyss of being, the Old, Dolorous Year. Life stews the fires
Of the pain of the past. New hope is our compass tomorrow. Vivat!


3rd Place: Atlas Surcouf


"Free Puppies"

You saw me in a box of puppies with worn-writing it read “Free.”

Every dog more innocent than the last.

All of them, never have seen the troubles the world has to offer.

But your eyes were drawn to me of all the perfect ones?

I had bruises and cuts and my ribs were showing from walking through hell and back.

I had fleas and dried blood and matted fur and my teeth bared.

And yet you still held me like I was something special.

Like I wasn’t some mangy mutt to be left on the side of the street.

Why did you take me home, why did you still smile at me?

When I bit your hand, you still treated me like a a fragile glass.

Never gave up on me like others had.

And at the end of the day you took off the barbed wire collar that found its way around my soul.

At the end of the day you looked at me like a normal.. person.

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