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Published: September 27, 2021

Student Spotlight: Lili Krasovec - A Hungarian Basketball Player

Meet 17-year-old basketball superstar and IVLA 10th grader, Lili Krasovec. Lili's dream is to become a professional basketball player! She currently plays for the national women's basketball team in her home country of Hungary, and has even played in the World Championships. Lili moved to Rome, Italy last year to further her skills in the sport and credits IVLA and her Success Coach, Matt, with helping her succeed both in school and on the court. Once she graduates from IVLA, she wants to move to the United States to go to college and play on their basketball team. She'll then pursue her dream of becoming a pro! We can't wait to watch you achieve all of your goals, Lili!


Read Transcript:

Hi my name is Lili, I'm 17 years old and I'm in 10th grade at IVLA.
I'm playing basketball and I want to become a professional basketball player.
I'm from Hungary and I moved to Rome last year to play basketball there.
IVLA helps me a lot with studying and playing basketball.
I learned a lot a lot from last year in life and in basketball too.
I play for my national team
at the world championship I played against
Italy, I played against Russia, and I also had the chance to play against the USA,
which is a whole different world.
In basketball they are the best and they won the whole world championship!
It was a really good chance to play against them.
In 9th grade I spent time in a Hungarian public school and it was hard to schedule
my day with
in-person school and basketball training. It's much easier with IVLA
to do my schedule and trainings.
Usually I wake up in the morning, I study,
and then I will go to my morning practice, and before my afternoon
training that's the time when I usually study more and then I check
the IVLA calendar for what I should do today.
Usually when I come home for summer I have the time to spend a little more
time with my friends from Hungary from my
old school and I have
a really good friend in the national league too.
I usually write to my success coach, Matt, and he's helping me a lot with
school, and he's so understanding with the basketball trainings and
I really appreciate it!
I want to study at a university in the United States because I think it's a good
opportunity to study and do basketball together.
After I hope I can play on a professional basketball team, so
maybe I will come back here to Europe to play with a club team
but I think to do school and basketball together,
the American universities are the best. Because after my basketball career  I need a diploma to
find jobs and to continue my life.
So, I think it's the best option, at IVLA.

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