Carlee is a 12th grade IVLA student with a unique decorating passion. About six months ago, Carlee began making decorative arrangements and wreaths. Her new passion began with the unfortunate passing of Pops, her beloved grandfather, in 2018. As a tribute to Pops, Carlee’s grandmother and aunt began teaching themselves how to make cemetery arrangements. Carlee would sit at the table with them and watch in amazement as they honored Pop’s memory with beautiful, handcrafted arrangements for every holiday. Soon, Carlee went from casual bystander to helper, as she began learning to clip flowers and assist with the placement of ribbons and flowers.

After spending some time helping her grandmother and aunt, Carlee decided it was time to go solo. Her very first wreath was for her Mother, and Carlee made it without anyone’s help and without watching any instructional videos. Carlee’s Mom absolutely loved the wreath, and the resulting praise from her Mom and the rest of her family motivated Carlee to take her decorative passion to another level.

As Thanksgiving approached, Carlee realized that she really wanted to make a Christmas wreath for Pops, as Christmas had always been his favorite holiday. After watching a few instructional videos, Carlee decided that she wanted to make Pops a ribbon wreath, so she bought the materials and got busy. Without any help, and strictly from memory, she made Pops a beautiful handmade ribbon wreath. Carlee’s Mom was so impressed by her work that she ordered a bunch of material and had Carlee make her some wreaths. As you can imagine, all of this praise and encouragement from friends and family has not only fueled Carlee’s passion, it’s also boosted her self-confidence.

Well done, Carlee! We’re sure Pops is proud.

Our Interview With Online Student Carlee Busby

Why do you make wreaths?
I do wreath making as a hobby. It’s something that I enjoy doing, and I have a lot of fun seeing what different designs I can create.

How many arrangements/wreaths have you made?
Over the last six months I have made 11 wreaths.

Does IVLA’s online education program allow you flexibility with your time?
Definitely. IVLA allows me to work at my own pace and on my own schedule. Which is very nice.

What do you have to say about your IVLA teachers?
My teachers at IVLA are absolutely amazing! They are always so nice, positive and encouraging. They are always there for me and I have learned so much by being in their classes. I could not ask for better teachers!

Why choose IVLA for any student that might be thinking about IVLA?
I would recommend IVLA to any student thinking of enrolling. The courses are very interesting, and you learn a lot from them. The teachers and IVLA staff are amazing too! They are the nicest people you will ever meet! They take the time to learn about their students and their lives outside of school and they are also very willing to help their students when needed. Even when a student needs a little encouragement and motivation when things aren’t exactly going well, the teachers and their success coach are there for them. IVLA is the best!


Thank you so much for awarding me student spotlight! It is such an honor to be chosen and I can’t express how happy and thankful I am!