December 19, 2023
Unveiling the Future of Education: Join Our Free IVLA Virtual Open House!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey in education for your student? International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) invites you to explore the future of learning at our upcoming Virtual Open House! Date: [Jan 10, 2024] | Time: [10:00 am PST] | Location: Your Home, Anywhere in the World! Discover the Excellence of Personalized […]

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February 5, 2022
Student Spotlight: Sydney Fisher

Meet Sydney Fisher, an impressive high school senior at IVLA! Sydney is also a member of the National Honor Society, editor of the school newsletter, and the leader of the Art Club!

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June 24, 2021
IVLA's 2021 High School Graduation Ceremony

It is with immense pride that we congratulate the graduating class of 2021! This academic year was unlike any other. Despite the challenges and obstacles, every single one of our high school seniors persisted and succeeded. We are so proud of their accomplishments both in and outside of school.  Our virtual graduation took place on […]

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June 15, 2021
Student Spotlight: Adriana Toulier, 12th Grade

Meet Adriana Toulier, an IVLA student who lives in Lima, Peru, where she is part of the national artistic swimming team! She began artistic swimming when she was ten years old and has excelled at the sport ever since. Nearly seventeen and currently in 12th grade, she has represented Peru in international tournaments as both […]

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May 25, 2021
What is Asynchronous Learning - A Complete Guide

Table of Contents: Introduction Synchronous Learning vs. Asynchronous Learning Synchronous Learning (Live Classes) Definition How it differs from distance learning Asynchronous Learning Definition Benefits of Asynchronous Learning Is it Lonely? Why it’s a great option for Military and Other Traveling Families The Future of Education - Is it Asynchronous Learning? What the Science Tells Us […]

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November 20, 2020
Ell Shares Why She Chose Online School at IVLA

11-year-old Ell shares the story about why her and her family decided on online school and how they came to choose IVLA as their provider for an online education.

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August 18, 2020
Your FAQs About Online School & COVID-19, Answered

Do IVLA teachers have experience teaching online or are they new to it like everyone else? Online schooling may be new to many teachers, but it's not new to us! We've been providing online education since 2007. The proof of our teaching staff's excellency is evident in our student successes stories. We invite you to […]

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August 17, 2020
About Homeschooling and COVID-19 - How Our World has Changed

As COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, homeschooling has been thrust into the global spotlight. According to a recent Forbes article, its estimated that 300 million children worldwide are now being homeschooled. Covid-19’s impact on the education industry has been so severe that the United Nations recently stated that “the global scale and speed […]

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June 15, 2020
5 Ways to Teach Happiness in an Online Learning Environment

As both mental health advocates and people who strongly believes that this world needs more personal happiness, we at IVLA have been intrigued by the effect, if any, that happiness has on student achievement. After spending some time in research, we've learned that there is indeed a correlation between happiness and increased student learning. Wisdom […]

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